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How to Make a Knife from a File: Your Guide to Crafting the Best Cutting Tool

How To Make A Knife From A File Introduction What You Will Need How to Make a Knife from a File Conclusion Introduction Every outdoorsman needs his own set of tools. But because you can get all of the necessary equipment for every outdoor activity you want right from a shop or an online seller, […]

How To Wear A Boot Knife, The Right Way In A Cowboy Style

A boot knife can come in handy during dangerous situations and carrying a boot knife is probably a great way to prepare for any threats. Earlier, men were seen wearing high open Cowboy boots where they could hide this boot knife conveniently. ​Whereas, now wearing and carrying a boot knife is somehow easier, and the […]

How To Sharpen And Care For Karambits And Curved Knives

Karambits are traditional knives originating from South East Asia. Their unique appearance, a curved blade held in a wood, horn or ivory hilt, makes them stand out from the crowd, but also makes them a deadly weapon. Traditionally the hilt is held in the fist, with the blade protruding from the bottom of the hand, […]