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Which Is The Best Butterfly Knife For Training And Practice?

The butterfly knife is mostly known for the hand tricks you can do when propping up its blade, which has been featured in many Hollywood flicks. But since it is still a bladed tool, you can easily hurt yourself trying these fancy hand movements. Thankfully, butterfly knives for training exist for practicing such awesome routines. […]

How To Sharpen And Care For Karambits And Curved Knives

Karambits are traditional knives originating from South East Asia. Their unique appearance, a curved blade held in a wood, horn or ivory hilt, makes them stand out from the crowd, but also makes them a deadly weapon. Traditionally the hilt is held in the fist, with the blade protruding from the bottom of the hand, […]

How To Wear A Boot Knife, The Right Way In A Cowboy Style

A boot knife can come in handy during dangerous situations and carrying a boot knife is probably a great way to prepare for any threats. Earlier, men were seen wearing high open Cowboy boots where they could hide this boot knife conveniently. ​Whereas, now wearing and carrying a boot knife is somehow easier, and the […]

How to Make a Knife from a File: Your Guide to Crafting the Best Cutting Tool

How To Make A Knife From A File Introduction What You Will Need How to Make a Knife from a File Conclusion Introduction Every outdoorsman needs his own set of tools. But because you can get all of the necessary equipment for every outdoor activity you want right from a shop or an online seller, […]