Harry Potter Is Hot

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Is Harry Potter supposed to be handsome?

That’s about it. Yes Harry Potter was supposed to be very attractive. Daniel Radcliffe did not do this character justice. Harry was supposed to look exactly like his father James who was very attractive.

Who is hottest in Harry Potter?

Tom Felton Nine years ago, when I first saw “Sorcerer’s Stone” in theaters, I never would have dreamed that one day I would say the boy behind that brat Draco Malfoy would earn the No. 1 spot on a sexiest men of “Potter” list.

Who are the hottest boys in Hogwarts?


What Harry Potter was supposed to look like?

Harry had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Scotch tape… The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin scar on his forehead that was shaped like a bolt of lightning.”

Is Harry supposed to be good looking?

So, yes he is supposed to be attractive. Rowling said Harry inherited his parents good looks. Plus, Harry looks like James whom Rowling said was reasonably good looking. Not Sirius or Tom Riddle level attractive, but reasonably good looking.

How is Harry Potter supposed to look?

“Harry had always been small and skinny for his age,” Rowling wrote. “Harry had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Scotch tape…

Who is the most handsome Harry Potter actor?

1 spot on a sexiest men of “Potter” list. But during those years, Tom Felton has not only become absolutely gorgeous but one of the sweetest and most charming men on the “Potter” cast, and, as we’ve shown, there are a lot of them.

Is Harry Potter supposed to be tall?

In the books, Harry is described as tall and lanky, and there are some theories that he’s closer to 5’8″. Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter in the movies, was only 5’5″, making Harry seem a little shorter than his intended height in the books.

What did the original Harry Potter look like?

Harry had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright-green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Sellotape because of all the times Dudley had punched him on the nose.

What was Hermione supposed to look like?

Hermione was described as having bushy brown hair and brown eyes, and had rather large front teeth until she got them shrunk in book four. When she gets dolled up for formal events (like the Yule Ball and Bill and Fleur’s wedding), she is described as being quite pretty.

What was Sirius Black supposed to look like?

Sirius Black According to the books: In Prisoner of Azkaban Sirius is described as having “a mass of filthy, matted hair hung to his elbows. If eyes hadn’t been shining out of the deep, dark sockets, he might have been a corpse. The waxy skin was stretched so tightly over the bones of his face, it looked like a skull.

Who is the best looking in Harry Potter?

Top 10 ‘Harry Potter’ Hotties: The Crush Compilation

  • Tom Felton.
  • Robert Pattinson. …
  • Sean Biggerstaff. …
  • Daniel Radcliffe. …
  • Christian Coulson. …
  • Freddie Stroma. …
  • Rupert Grint. …
  • Stanislav Ianevski. …

What was Ginny Weasley supposed to look like?

Rowling described Ginny as having “bright brown eyes” with “vivid, flaming red” hair “worn as a long mane,” which is mostly fitting with actress Bonnie Wright, barring the actress’ green/blue eyes. Another difference lies in the similarities between the Weasley siblings.

How was Hermione supposed to look?

8 HERMIONE GRANGER This is certainly the case for Hermione, who is supposed to have bushy brown hair and buck teeth (at least until book four when she gets them permanently shrunk.) Meanwhile, Watson sports blond hair in the later-films that’s wavy at best, and her teeth look perfect.

Who is the tallest Harry Potter character?

10 TALLEST: Young Hagrid – Martin Bayfield (2.13m) By far the tallest person ever cast in a Harry Potter film is Martin Bayfield. The ex-rugby player isn’t an actor and has only appeared in a handful of films, mostly thanks to his enormous height. In The Chamber Of Secrets, he plays a young version of Hagrid.

What characters from Harry Potter are 5 6?

How Tall Are Harry Potter Characters? (With Chart!)

Why is Harry Potter short?

Beyond the malnourishment, it’s possible that Harry Potter suffered from what is known as psychosocial short stature. Psychosocial short stature (PSS) is a growth disorder caused by extreme stress and emotional deprivation endured during childhood.

What is the original version of Harry Potter?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (book 1 – UK) Hardcover first edition, first printings of the 1997 book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, have become the ‘Holy Grail’ for Potter collectors.

Is Harry Potter handsome?

Harry Potter was described as hardly attractive at all. James Potter was described as a very attractive boy. Harry was receiving frequent comments that he was looking just like his father James.

Where is the original Harry Potter?

Alnwick Castle starred as the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone filmed on location at Alnwick Castle in autumn 2000.

Are Harry Potter’s eyes green or blue?

In addition to his black hair, scar, and glasses, the Harry Potter in the books is said to have green eyes. That’s an essential part of his Harry Potter charm.

Was Hermione supposed to be pretty?

In the Harry Potter books, Hermione is described as rather plain-looking. Meanwhile, Watson is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the entertainment industry. Still, Despite Watson’s unmistakable beauty, it goes without saying that she was just perfect for the role of Hermione.

What skin color is Hermione?

In February, a Buzzfeed post celebrated fan art depicting Hermione as black; the author related the racial slurs flung at her as a middle schooler reminded her of the characters who called Hermione a “mudblood.” And in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione’s skin is described as “very brown” after a …

What should hermoine look like?

Rowling describes the young Miss Granger as possessing “lots of bushy brown hair, and rather large front teeth.” Both the hair and the teeth become Hermione’s most commonly referenced features throughout the series.

What did Sirius look like?

Although white to blue-white in color, Sirius might be called a rainbow star, as it often flickers with many colors. The flickering colors are especially easy to notice when you spot Sirius low in the sky.

Did Sirius Black have a beard in the books?

In the books, Sirius had gray eyes. In the movies, those eyes were blue. In the books, Sirius had no facial hair (discounting PoA, where he had a beard).

Who was Sirius Black in love with?

Sirius Black had a lot of love in his life. Mainly for his best friends but still. One of the greatest loves came not from his connection to James Potter but rather with his relationship to Remus Lupin. The two had an interesting dynamic and one that fans seemed to gravitate towards.

Who is the hottest actor in Harry Potter?


Who is the prettiest actress in Harry Potter?

The Most Beautiful Actress from Harry Potter (#TheBeautifulOne Round 1 : Group 4). Afshan Azad : Padma Patil. 13.2%Scarlett Bryne : Pansy Parkins. 9.2%Evanna Lynch : Luna Lovegood. 72.5%Georgina Leonidas : Katie Bell. 5.1%

What was Ron Weasley supposed to look like?

Ron is described as “tall, thin and gangling, with freckles, big hands and feet, and a long nose.” In order for Rupert Grint to match Ron in the books, he’d had to have a longer nose, plenty of freckles, and a fiery red mane just like the rest of his family.

Is Ginny Weasley supposed to be attractive?

9. Ginny Weasley. Ginny Weasley is described in the books as being perceived as beautiful by many people at Hogwarts. Aside from being physically beautiful, she is described as being funny and compassionate which brings people towards her and makes her likable.

How was Ginny described in the books?

When describing Ginny, J.K. Rowling notes she is “tough, not in an unpleasant way, but gutsy”, also describing her as “warm and compassionate”. Ginny was very popular during her time at Hogwarts, and drew attraction by numerous boys. Ron in particular felt that Ginny was “too popular for her own good”.

Who is the tallest character in the Harry Potter books?

There are a lot of clues that indicate roughly how tall each of the Harry Potter characters were. Harry Potter was about 5’11”, Ron Weasley 6’1″, Hermione 5’5″, Draco Malfoy 6″ and Dumbledore at 6’3″….How Tall Are the Harry Potter Characters: Height Chart & Analysis.

How tall are each of the Harry Potter characters?

How Tall Are Harry Potter Characters? (With Chart!)

Who is the big tall guy in Harry Potter?

Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane is best known for his roles such as Hagrid the Giant in the ‘Harry Potter’ series and Mr. Hyde in ‘Van Helsing. ‘

How tall is Hagrid?

In Philosopher’s Stone, Hagrid is mentioned as being twice as tall as the average man and nearly five times as wide but in the film, he is portrayed as being 8 ft 6 in (2.59 m) and in later books he is said to be three times as wide. Hagrid is known for his thick West Country accent.

Which Harry Potter star is the prettiest woman in the world?

Evanna Patricia Lynch (born 16 August 1991) is an Irish actress and activist. She is best known for portraying Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series….

Who is the hottest Harry Potter star?

Tom Felton When Sorcerer’s Stone opened in theaters, there was no way you could tell the tow-headed boy behind that brat Draco Malfoy would turn into one of the sexiest Harry Potter stars. At 23, Felton is not only gorgeous but one of the series’ nicest young men.

Who is the cutest Harry Potter character?

Other than Dobby, Luna is certainly the cutest character of the bunch!

What is Sirius Black supposed to look like?

Sirius is described as a tall man with long, black hair and grey eyes. Several times during the series, Sirius is stated to be very good-looking and “carelessly handsome” prior to his imprisonment; Harry also noted that as a teenager, Sirius always had a slightly spoiled, haughty look on his face.

What are Fred and George supposed to look like?

3 Fred and George They sport red hair and freckles just like the rest of their siblings. The casting of James and Oliver Phelps made it look, on screen, as if the Weasley twins took after their father in the books, as both James and Oliver were lanky and tall, as their brothers Bill, Percy, and Ron were described.

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