Top 6 Best Salad Keeper in 2021

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Every week, without fail, the first item I write down on my grocery shopping list is salad greens. A simple green salad appears almost nightly on my dinner table, so it’s important that I have an ample supply geared and ready for the week.

And it’s equally, if not more, important that those salad greens stay fresh throughout the week. Here are Top 6 Best Slad Keeper

Top 6 Best Salad Keeper

Bestseller No. 2
Hutzler Salad Saver
Keeps lettuce, spinach, and kale fresh Longer, saving you money and trips to the store; Includes Salad/ lettuce storage bowl, strainer, and lid
Bestseller No. 3
Snips Saver Salad Keeper 4 Liters, Green, One Size
This salad bowl/keeper is shaped like lettuce leaves in Green; Bowl is pretty enough to take and serve straight at your table; BPA and toxin free
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 9
Tupperware Salad on the Go Set Lunch Keeper 6.25 Cup Bowl, Fork, Knife and Midget Blue Green
Tupperware Salad on the Go Set - Blue and Green; 1.5 Liter / 6.25 Cup Capacity; Fork, Knife and 2 Ounce Midget Fit into the Cover for Transportation
Bestseller No. 10

#1, Rubbermaid Brilliance Salad Lunch Storage Container

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Salad Container, Medium Deep, 4.7 Cup, Clear
  • Rubbermaid Brilliance 100% leak-proof food storage containers feature BPA-free Tritan lids and bases with 360-degree clarity; airtight seal and secure latches prevent spills and leaks and help keep food fresh and secure
  • Perfect for a variety of occasions and events—like lunches, snacks, meal prep, parties, holidays, and more
  • Crystal-clear containers are clear like glass so you can always see what’s inside, but are light and easy to carry; stain-resistant material keeps plastic food container looking like new, and resists odors
  • Built-in vents under latches allow splatter-resistant microwaving with the lid on
  • Containers stack perfectly to one another to save space and stay organized in the pantry or fridge

This fashionable container includes three compartments, and a different little, round container for dressingtable. It is of slightlyhigher quality compared to your normal plastic storage containers, as it comes in a number of sizes, including a sizable 9.6 cup dimensions, for all those who enjoy large salads. The insert tray which contains both smaller segments is removable, which means that you may create more space for greens in the compartment if you are not bringing mix-ins which will soggify your own salad.

#2, Prep Solutions Lettuce Keeper

Prep Solutions by Progressive Lettuce Keeper Produce Storage Container, 4.7 Quarts
  • PRODUCE STORAGE CONTAINER + COLANDER: This produce saver features an adjustable air vent & water reservoir to create the ideal environment for fresh fruits & vegetables, keeping them fresh longer.
  • WASH & STORE IN ONE CONTAINER: This dishwasher safe container features a storage guide printed on the front for quick reference. Use the included divider into place to store different produce together.
  • MEAL PREP MADE EASY: Our food storage containers enhance the convenience of everyday meal preparation for the busy home cook. We offer airtight, secure storage canisters for all your kitchen needs.
  • STYLISH DESIGN & SOLID FUNCTIONALITY: Our philosophy is simple—offer stylish designs with no-nonsense functionality. We understand the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family & friends connect.
  • INNOVATING KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: We boast over 40 years of innovating kitchen products & housewares with unique gadgets & tools for food preparation plus thoughtfully designed food storage containers.

This genius product ($11) combines the best of both worlds. The built-in colander makes it effortless to rinse fresh lettuce, veggies, and fruits, while the water reservoir eliminates some additional drips. This lively design ensures that your produce stays sharp and nice. Incidentally, these are the best sorts of lettuce for your own sandwiches.

This produce saver features an adjustable air compressor & water reservoir to make the perfect atmosphere for new fruits & vegetables, keeping them clean longer.

This dishwasher safe container features a storage manual printed in the front for fast reference. Use the included divider into position to store different produce collectively.

#3, Rubbermaid 1920479 17.3Cup Produce Container

Rubbermaid 1920479 17.3Cup Produce Container, 17.3 Cup, Green
  • includes 1 large FreshWorks Produce Saver container (17.3 cup)
  • Save money, food, and trips to the grocery store, by keeping produce fresher longer with FreshWorks
  • FreshVent technology regulates flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the ideal produce environment
  • Crisp Tray helps keep moisture away from produce to reduce spoilage
  • Lid filter lasts a lifetime

Longer-lasting produce means less waste. FreshVent modulates the circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, helping food stay fresh longer.
Condensation inside means it is working! Do not worry; the underside elevated CrispTray helps maintain moisture away from meals and promotes airflow.

Do not be concerned about plenty of expensive replacement filters. FreshWorks’ built in lid filter is more lasting to be used after us
FreshWorks helps produce maintain its freshness more so you may enjoy just-picked flavor for months.

FreshWorks provides the best outcomes with unwashed, uncut produce-so take it from the supermarket and pop it into your FreshWorks containers immediately; you can be worried about the washing and prepping later.
Using FreshWorks helps stop cravings and wasted produce, meaning more food, more savings, and fewer trips to the grocery shop.

#4, Bentgo Salad BPA-Free Lunch Container

Bentgo Salad BPA-Free Lunch Container with Large 54-oz Salad Bowl, 4-Compartment Bento-Style Tray for Salad Toppings and Snacks, 3-oz Sauce Container for Dressings, and Built-In Reusable Fork (Gray)
  • EXTRA-LARGE SALAD CONTAINER: Spacious 54 oz salad bowl to go – fits up to 4 cups of healthy fruits and vegetables (with the compartment tray inserted)
  • KEEPS SALAD FRESH: Top lid features a rubberized sealing ring and locking clips to keep food fresh on the go - Top-shelf dishwasher safe and BPA-free
  • STORE TOPPINGS SEPARATELY: 4-compartment tray includes 1 large 10-oz compartment and 2 smaller 5-oz compartments to fit toppings of your choice, plus a leak-proof 3-oz container that's perfect for salad dressing
  • PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE: Bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of Feed the Children, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, Bentgo has donated more than $200,000 to help put an end to hunger.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Bentgo Salad compartment lunch box, built-in reusable fork, industry-leading 2 Year Warranty, and caring customer support

Load up on fresh vegetables and greens, while on the go! Bentgo Salad keeps them clear and flavorful at school, work, or anywhere.
Wide 54 ounce salad to go — matches around 4 cups of healthy fruits and vegetables (using the compartment inserted)

Top lid features a rubberized sealing ring and locking clips to help keep food clean on the go – Top-shelf dishwasher safe and BPA-free
4-compartment tray includes 1 big 10-oz compartment and two smaller 5-oz compartments to match toppings of your choice, and a leak-proof 3-oz container that is Ideal for salad dressing

#5, Snips Saver Salad Keeper

Snips Saver Salad Keeper 4 Liters, Green, One Size
  • This salad bowl/keeper is shaped like lettuce leaves in Green
  • This comes with a valve in the lid that helps to keep freshly washed Salad fresher for Longer in the refrigerator
  • Green grid sits on the bottom of the inside of the bowl to keep moisture away from the leaves to help keep them fresh
  • Bowl is pretty enough to take and serve straight at your table; BPA and toxin free
  • Measures 9. 6" Diameter by 6" Tall; holds approximately 16 cups; dishwasher and freezer safe; Not suitable for microwave

The Snips Salad keeper is bowl-shaped like lettuce Leaves. Wonderful enough to function in the table. This salad keeper has a lid having a valve which helps to keep freshly dried salad fresher for more In the fridge.

here’s a removable bottom Green grid that can help keep moisture out of direct contact with all the lettuce, which will help keep it fresher longer. Snips is a business based south of Milan. The business got its title from the namesake scissors line. Since its inception, Snips has directed to”incorporate innovative Italian design into consumer driven family products.

” Every product can also be Italian made and fabricated. Snips expect consumer’s needs, offering problem-solving products using a little irony, freshness and originality in the plan. They produce value with things that are innovative, safe, higher quality, and with higher content. Snips employ a distinctive last-generation substance that possesses better organoleptic properties and has been specially made for microwave cooking. It doesn’t discharge any plastic taste or change the grade of the food, withstanding high temperatures for quite a while. Snips s 100 percent”Italianness,” and will be the devotion of 2 generations of their family Piacenza.

6, LOCK & LOCK Easy Essentials Food Storage lids/Airtight containers

LOCK & LOCK Easy Essentials Food Storage lids/Airtight containers, BPA Free, Salad Bowl-16.9 Cup, Clear
  • SMART STORAGE: The Easy Essentials Specialty 16.9-Cup Salad Bowl with Colander Insert is the quick and convenient container that keeps greens fresh and ready to go
  • DURABLE: Unique, patented 4-hinge locking system is durability tested for long-lasting performance up to 3 million uses
  • NO MESS, STAYS FRESH: Enhanced locking system is airtight to keep foods fresh longer and leakproof to prevent unwanted drips and spills
  • BPA-FREE: Peace of mind for healthy, happy food storage
  • CONVENIENT: Microwave safe for convenient reheating and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Having a wise mixture of container sizes and shapes for many different storage requirements, Lock & Lock Easy Essentials storage containers are ideal for snacks, dry ingredients, leftovers, sauces and much more.
These food storage containers are best for getting the kitchen and refrigerator for bringing additional ingredients or side dishes on the go.

3 Ways to Keep Your Salad Greens Fresh for 10 Days

Grab a salad spinner.
My go-to approach to store salad greens would be in the spinner. I clean and spin-dry the greens in the kitchen instrument, then place the top back and tuck the entire thing in my fridge. Since the greens sit in the spinner’s basket, then there is about a inch or so of distance between them and the base of the container, allowing any excess moisture on the leaves (which could cause mould and sliminess) to trickle and drop off.

Reach for a plastic container.
In case you don’t have a salad spinner or do not have sufficient space in your fridge for keeping you in it, simply catch a plastic storage container big enough to match the salad greens. Line it with paper towels, wash and wash the greens, then ditch them inside, seal the lid, and toss it in the fridge. The paper towels absorb any excess moisture which may cause the leaves to find slimy.
More on Storing GreensWe Tried 3 Strategies to Store Salad Greens and Here is the Winner!

Or empty out that crisper drawer.
When you’ve got a lot of salad greens to shop (such as, say, sufficient to get an upcoming big dinner party), then you may need to have a different approach. Drain out among your crisper drawers, then wipe it wash, line it with paper towel and chuck in all your dried and washed salad greens. This procedure works exactly like the newspaper towel-lined plastic container, only on a larger scale.


Using Salad keeper to keep it crisp and flavorful at school, work, or anywhere. Hope this article will help you find the best one.