Top 4 Best Rifle Monopod in 2021

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Should you require extra stability for your camera, but none that is too strong, purchasing the best monopod comes as a wonderful choice. With this product, you’ll become not just good stability but portability too. You’ll have the ability to use it on the go and in almost any place, even though tripods are prohibited.

Obviously, needing and buying the very best monopod are two distinct things. In order to accomplish this, you want to be familiarized with monopods in general and understand what to search for or utilize suggestions and hints of a manual similar to this one, which will help save time and help find the Best Rifle Monopod to your requirements.

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Top 4 Best Rifle Monopod

Bestseller No. 1
Accu-Shot Precision Rail Monopod-PRM-Mid-Range with Quick Knob, Black, 4.75-5.65in, BT13-QK
Weight: 8.3 ounces; Folded Length: 4.80" approximate; Elevation Range: 4.75 – 5.65”; Designed, Engineered, Machined & Assembled in America.
Bestseller No. 2
CHDN 7.5 to 9 inch Rifle Bipod Adjustable Spring Tactical Split Bracket for M-lok Rail
5 settings for different length, the bipod is ready to meet your needs.; Bipod legs can be folding forwards and backwards, locking securely into 5 positions.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Hammers Telescopic Collapisble Shooting Stick Monopod Gun Pod w/V Yoke Rest Mount
Collapisible 3sections fold to 30inch; Aluminum alloy tubing; Carbide steel tip; V yoke; Camera mount stud
−$10.30 $22.60
Bestseller No. 4
Bestseller No. 5
CCOP USA 9" inch Tactical Hunting Rifle Picatinny Swivel Stud Mount Bipod BP-59S , Black , Small
Assembled in the USA; Easy installation; Extends from 7.1" to 8.66"; Increase shooting accuracy with the stability
Bestseller No. 6
V Yoke MB Machine Hunting Gun Rifle Stick/Monopod/Tripod Holder
3 inch rubber padded u shaped opening at the top; Brass insert at the bottom with 1/4-20 & 3/8 thread that fits all standard monopods
SaleBestseller No. 7
CCOP USA 6" Tactical Hunting Rifle Clamp-On Mount Bipod - BP-39MINI
Extends from 6.10" to 6.69"; Designed for easy installation and setup; Heavy duty made of high quality steel and aluminum
−$5.84 $19.15
Bestseller No. 8
CVLIFE Carbon Fiber Rifle Bipod with Mount Adapter 6-9 Inches for Hunting and Shooting
Come with the mount adapter, you can install the bipod to your rifle conveniently.
Bestseller No. 9
V YOKE MB Machine Hunting Gun Rifle Stick/Monopod/Tripod Holder
easily converts monopod or tripod into shooting sticks; standard 1/4-20 or 3/8 threaded hole at the bottom

1 – Allen Gripper Shooting Stick

Allen Company Premium Carbon Fiber Shooting Stick with Adjustable Cams, Black
  • 61 inches Tall When Fully Extended
  • Carbon Fiber Stick
  • Ultralight Construction with Carbide Tip and Rubber Boot
  • Aluminum Locking Cams Hold Each Section Where You Want it.
  • Padded Carrying Strap

This is a easy monopod that offers one extra featured not available on others–a wonderful gripper mind that actually can help stabilize your own rifle. It extends 21.5 to 61 inches with quick-cam leg alterations. It’s a cushioned foam grip handle and wrist strap. It’s lightweight aluminum in 0.51 lbs. The Allen Gripper shooting rod includes a camera and spotting scope bracket. We enjoy it for just how simple it’s to correct and portability. To get a continuous gun break in the blind, it does its job.


  • Lightweight aluminum gun monopod features V shaped yoke
  • Gun pod includes cushioned foam hand grip and wrist strap
  • Speedy release leg clips Make It Possible for legs to be extended and locked firmly into position
  • Black matte finish aluminum body
  • Adjusts in length in 21. 5 to 61 inches
  • Also works good as a camera team
  • Included elements: Hunting Range Gear Monopods

Quick Release Leg Clips Permit Forged To Be Extended And Compelling Securely Into Place.
Included Components: Hunting Range Gear Monopods.
Adjusts In Length From 21. 5 To 61 Inches.
Additionally Works Great As A Camera Staff.
Black Matte Finish Aluminum Body.
Gun Pod Includes Padded Foam Grip And Wrist Strap.

2 – Accu-Shot Precision Rail Mount Monopod

Accu-Shot Precision Rail Monopod-PRM-Mid-Range with Quick Knob, Black, 4.75-5.65in, BT13-QK
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces
  • Folded Length: 4.80" approximate
  • Elevation Range: 4.75 – 5.65”
  • Designed, Engineered, Machined & Assembled in America.

Product Info for Accu-Shot Precision Rail Mount Monopod

The Accu-Shot Picatinny Rail Monopod features push button deployment and retraction for quick and effortless setup of the most difficult shots, and also a bonus fast knob so that you can quickly fix the elevation easily. All these Monopods by Accu-Shot bracket into your favourite rifle equipped with a conventional 1913 design Picatinny rail, and will fold up and out of the way when not in use, and features an excess thumbnut which lets you lock them in place for a good stage. Constructed of quality materials and construction criteria, the Accu-Shot Locking Portable Rail Monopod is essential have accessory for any shot!
Specifications for Accu-Shot Precision Rail Mount Monopod:

  • Colour: Black
  • Fabric/Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Features of Accu-Shot Precision Rail Mount Monopod:

  • Allows rapid, gross alterations using the push of a button
  • Spring loaded button
  • Replaces the conventional knob on BT01, BT04, BT08 and BT12;

Package Contents:

Accu-Shot Precision Rail Mount Monopod, ABI-B0-ABTS1RC

3 – Primos Tall Monopod Trigger Stick, 33-65 Inches

Primos Pole Cat 25 to 62-Inch Tall Monopod
  • Seamless tapered-aluminum tube
  • Lightweight
  • Mobile, rugged, nylon yoke
  • Tactile rubber v-grips
  • Adjusts 25"-62"

Primos Tall Monopod is a really user-friendly monopod whose stature you can readily fix with only 1 hand. The shooting stick is very light in weight reduction. Its height-adjustable gun break and best equipment bracket make it good to use when standing or kneeling. The rod comes completely equipped with a removable V yoke.

The cause stick can match threaded fittings measuring 1/4 to 20 inches and 3/8 to 6 inches. All these are for securing optical equipment including cameras, spotting scopes, binoculars, laser array finds along with some other monopod mountable device.

Its V yoke can rotate 360 degrees to permit the user to take in almost any way. You don’t have to alter the place of the pole if you wish to shoot in another way. Its cause lock also makes certain your rifle remains in place for as long as you may need it.

  • This is a great shooting stick that’s adjustable to binoculars, spotting scopes, laser range finders or drapes.
  • The rod can adapt to between 33 to 65 inches. You may therefore easily attain an ideal shooting height that is suitable for you.
  • Its rotating V yoke and fluid twisting handle retains the shooter onto the goal. The V yoke could be taken out in order to accommodate spotting scopes or cameras.
  • The shootings tick features a trigger rod Gen two coating, allowing for whisper quiet telescoping leg functioning in the pull of a finger.
  • It’s not powerful enough to adapt more weight

4 – Hammers Monopod

Hammers Telescopic Collapisble Shooting Stick Monopod Gun Pod w/V Yoke Rest Mount
  • Collapisible 3sections fold to 30inch
  • Aluminum alloy tubing
  • Carbide steel tip
  • V yoke
  • Camera mount stud
  • Collapsible 3sections fold into 30inch
  • Aluminum alloy tubing
  • Carbide steel tip

The Hammers Monopod is a good alternative if you would like a lightweight, portable shooting rod. It fixes between 29-63 inches allowing to be used in many different situations. Additionally, it doubles as a good walking stick and is an excellent alternative if you’re on a budget.

The biggest drawback is that monopod layouts are less stable as the multi-legged layouts. If you anticipate using the monopod for a break whilst making long, hard shots, then you might choose to appear elsewhere.

Elk hunting could be downright difficult. Elk can reside in some very challenging terrain which frequently requires hunters to go beyond what the typical deer hunter would like to attain success. If you’re hunting elk you ought to take every advantage you can to increase your odds.

The best shooting sticks for deer hunting might not be the best shooting sticks for elk hunting.

Another consideration when hunting elk would be the additional stability when walking which a trekking pole may provide. This is going to take a great deal of burning off your own body when hauling a huge bull elk. After packing out lots of beef you may notice you’re less exhausted and your joints will not irritate as much the following day.

Best Rifle Monopod on Youtube

The Way to Select a Camera Monopod

Because of the massive number of monopods available on the market, I have tried my best to maintain this choice short and to the point.

I am conscious that there are numerous other more innovative monopods, featuring exotic substances, technical chunk heads, rubber feet and considerably more, except for nearly all photographers, it is unnecessary and over-priced.

Sure, if you are a sports photographer who uses a monopod every working day to back up your DSLR using 400mm lens, then go get that newest $500+ version… however for the rest of us, those recommended here provide far better bang for the dollar.

That is not to mention that any one these are cheap and horrible, nevertheless. 1 quick Amazon search for monopods shows a ton of suspicious quality versions at bargain basement prices, made by a brand you’ve never heard of before.

I would exercise caution with anything with a price that looks too good to be true — even though monopods not having a terrific deal of working parts, they still will need to encourage your expensive gear. Invest in something which can do it safely and securely!

5 things to look for in a monopod

Monopod Shooting Stick
Monopod Shooting Stick
  1. Strength and stability

A monopod has to have the ability to support the entire combined weight of your camera/lens/accessories installation — we have recorded the highest carrying capacity of monopods beneath, therefore check before making a buy.

  1. Reach new heights

How do you want your monopod to go? This will be dependent on many things, not least of which is how tall you end up! Again, we have given below.

  1. Lock and load

Monopod leg segments will be split with spin – or flip-style locks. Twist-locks have a tendency to be more protected, but flip-locks tend to be quicker. It is your choice what your priorities are!

  1. Plant your feet

A few monopods will have extra flip-out feet to get a more stable service, or a fixed round foot. Monopods out of Vanguard are inclined to be notable because of this, though naturally it will make the total installation more bulky.

  1. Grip tight

On top of the monopod there ought to be a clasp — on cheaper monopods it will probably be watertight, whereas more expensive versions will utilize textured rubber.


Is monopod better than tripod?

Tripods are more stable, while monopods are more mobile. Tripods are best for long exposure photography and macro work. Monopods are fantastic for steadying long lenses while on the transfer sports pictures. You may require both stability and freedom.

What is the point of a monopod?

A monopod is supposed to encourage the weight of your camera installation so you can use it comfortably. It kind of defeats the purpose then in case you are picking up your camera to shoot pictures. Because of This, you need to stretch out a monopod so the camera sits in your eye level

Why is it that photographers utilize tripods?

A tripod permits you to catch a more exposure by using a slower shutter speed of up to many seconds. This will help to minimise the danger of any motion. While capturing a lengthy exposure using a tripod enables far more light to enter the camera would be possible if you’re taking a photo hand held.

How tall is a monopod?

Just how large your monopod will expand is a significant factor, particularly for tall people wanting to stabilize their camera or spotting scope. If you’re 6 feet tall, then you are going to need a monopod that extends into 5 ft, and 5.5 feet is greater.


If you’re prepared to produce amazing videos and photos, a monopod is a fantastic piece of gear you need to have. It will make it easier and more comfortable, while they’re usually lightweight and provide great flexibility. In other words, it is essential!