Top 4 Best PS2 DHMI Adapter

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As tv technology evolves, it gets more challenging to connect classic consoles to contemporary television sets. Hooking up your PlayStation 2 for gaming and streaming through HDMI was especially hard, before ps2 hdmi adapter created it easy.

Are you looking for Best PS2 DHMI Adapter? Well, Here our staff have recorded down the Top 4 Best PS2 DHMI Adapter?

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Top 4 Best PS2 DHMI Adapter

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#1, POUND HDMI HD Link Cable for PlayStation

POUND HDMI HD Link Cable - Compatible with PS1 and PS2 - HDMI Cable with RGB Display, 720p Resolution, Plus Micro USB Cable for Power
  • PS 2 ON HDTV: play the vast library of classic PS 2 games on the best selling console of all time with a 4k TV, with our HDMI link cable
  • FOR PS2 AND PS1: backwards-compatible with the original PSX/PSOne models, as well as PS 2. Relive the largest video game libraries ever
  • RGB DISPLAY: our HDMI cord uses the PS2’s native RGB signal to display games, for better color reproduction and sharpness than a traditional AV cable
  • RESOLUTION UPSCALER: PS 2 HDMI cable ups the original 240p and 480i display on PS1 and PS2 to 720p, for maximum compatibility with new TVs
  • POWER BOOST: includes Micro USB cable to provide more power to the console. Supplement your PS2 system to reduce stress on its 20-year-old power supply

The converter itself is well constructed. It’s a slick aluminum casing, using a black anodized finish that is easy to dust away. On the other end, you are going to observe that the PlayStation screen cable we mentioned. On the flip side, there is an HDMI interface for connecting to a TV.

Next into the HDMI port, there is also a 3.5millimeter aux jack. This makes it effortless to plug in a set of headphones if your TV does not have a headphone port. On top, there is an appealing”Pound” logo, printed in white text. Alongside the logo, there is a little LED light which lights up whenever the device is powered. The Micro USB power interface can be found on front. And on the floor, you will find four little rubber skids which can keep it from sliding off a plate.

Since the POUND HDMI HD Link Cable includes a built-in PlayStation cable, so it is not suitable for additional older game programs. Instead, you ought to use an adapter that is designed for that program. Nevertheless, you are going to receive excellent fidelity to the original PlayStation graphics. If you are using a PlayStation 2, you will want to place the graphics to Y Pb Pr or Y Cb Cr. Should you utilize CVBS, you are going to see bizarre random colour schemes which seem nothing like the original games.

#2, EEEKit PS2 to HDMI Converter

EEEKit PS2 to HDMI Converter Adapter, Video AV Adapter for Sony PS2 Playstation 2 with 3.5mm Audio Output Cable for HDTV HDMI Monitor
  • EEEkit PS2 To HDMI Audio Converter-outputs video and audio in full digital HDMI format, support connect HDTV or HDMI monitor, projector, and so on.
  • This video av adapter transfers video and audio at the same time, provides advanced signal processing with great precision, colors, and resolution. The picture is exquisite and stable with no blurring, no fuzzy lines or lag, which ensures you better game experience. The image quality is based on your monitor definition, higher definition, better image.
  • Plug and play, no need to install. PS2 USB port provides a 5V power supply, no need for an external adapter. Compact size, easy to carry.
  • Note: 1. Only for PS2 game console, support all PS2 display modes: 480I, 576I、480P. BYPASS technology. 2. Only support converting Y Pb Pr Y Cb Cr signal(not support CVBS) to HDMI. Must set PS2 to Y Pb Pr Y Cb Cr output before using, or you will see out of range. 3.ONLY Support HDMI output, NOT support convert to DVI signal. 4. It needs to be charged while using, with the USB cable we give.
  • The PS2 video adapter provides a one-year warranty, if you have any problems with the adapter, please contact us in the first place to get efficient customer service for replacement or other assistance.

The EEEKit PS2 to HDMI Converter functions somewhat differently than the previous two choices we looked at. Instead of connecting to a PlayStation using a cable, it plugs right into the back.

As a consequence, that you won’t need to devote shelf distance to an adapter. On the flip side, it is going to protrude from the back of your PlayStation. So you are going to need lots of clearance around the back of your PlayStation to make it operate. Then again, if your console is still on a contemporary, backless shelf, then clearance isn’t going to become a concern.

The 1 disadvantage of this EEEKit converter is the fact that it simply outputs in 16:9, using the picture stretched. In theory, your TV should be able to correct it by switching into a 4:3 aspect ratio. Regrettably, not all of TVs manage this change in precisely the exact same manner. In case your TV compresses the picture, it is going to seem perfect.

On the flip side, in case your TV dismisses the borders, you will not have the ability to find the whole picture. The best way to try this is to modify the settings while watching any BluRay or even DVD. If the picture gets squished, your TV will utilize the EEEKit converter. When the borders are cut away, it won’t.

#3, LevelHike HDMI Cable for PS1 & PS2

HDMI Cable for Playstation 2 & Playstation 1 Console (PS2 & PS1), PS1/PS2 to HDMI Adapter with True RGB Signal Output (100% Improved Video Quality), HD Converter with 4:3/16:9 Switch
  • 🎮HD LINK🎮Convert and upscale the analog RGB signals to digital HDMI signals for modern HDTVs/monitors/projectors, which makes the HD link cable compatible with classic PS1, PS One, Fat PS2, Slim PS2
  • 🎮EASY TO USE🎮Plug and play with well-prepared cables. Detachable design, so high-end or extended HDMI cables can be used
  • 🎮AWESOME IMAGE🎮Provide the best upscaled signal processing with great precision, colors, resolution and details at this price
  • 🎮ASPECT RATIO SWITCH & LOW LATENCY🎮Support 4:3 and 16:9 with a toggle switch & unnoticeable lag when playing games
  • 🎮ONE-YEAR WARRANTY🎮Offer the free replacement without asking and helpful customer service

The LevelHike HDMI Cable for PS1 & PS2 is a bit beefier than the previous converter we all looked at. It weighs almost half a pound, that is quite heavy for the size. This is mostly as a result of built-in upscaling hardware, which we will discuss in a minute.

The PlayStation connection cable is connected to a side of this converter, and steps one foot in length. This makes positioning comparatively effortless, whether behind your PlayStation or alongside it on the shelf. You also receive a six-foot HDMI cable plus a six-foot Micro USB cable. In theory, you can simply draw power out of your PlayStation. Nevertheless, the six-foot cable provides you the choice of plugging into your TV or a AC adapter.

The LevelHike HDMI Cable mechanically upscales your PlayStation’s movie to 720p. This has a few benefits. To begin with, it might help smooth out the edges on games with jagged graphics. Second, it gets the converter compatible with any contemporary HDTV. On the downside, if you want an older, more retro appearance, you might not enjoy this feature.

Everything depends upon what you would like. No matter the colours will probably be accurate to the original without needing to mess up with your PlayStation’s settings. That means you won’t need to be concerned about your classic games looking”away”.


Panlong PS2 to HDMI Converter Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Output for HDTV HDMI Monitor
  • Connect PS2 to HDTV or HDMI monitor with this mini converter; Video and audio in full digital HDMI format, no transmission loss
  • Easy to use! Plug in and you are ready to go
  • Supports all PS2 display modes: 480i, 576i, 480p
  • USB cable powered - No power adaptor needed
  • Audio is available at HDMI output as well as 3.5mm AUX out

Panlong PS2 to HDMI Converter Adapter using 3.5Millimeter Audio Output for HDTV HDMI Monitor: Home Audio & Theater. Panlong PS2 to HDMI Converter Adapter using 3.5Millimeter Audio Output for HDTV HDMI Monitor: Home Audio & Theater. Connect PS2 into HDTV or HDMI track for this mini converter; Video and sound in complete digital HDMI format, no transmission reduction. User Friendly! Plug in and you’re all set to go.

Supports all PS2 screen modes: 480i, 576i, 480p. USB cable powered – No power adaptor required. Audio can be obtained at HDMI output and 3.5millimeter AUX out. This PS2 to HDMI converter will help you connect your traditional PS2 console for your contemporary HDTV or HDMI monitors. It supports all PS2 screen modes 40i, 57i, 40p. Now regain the pleasure of your favourite PS2 games in a fresh manner.


Would you play with a ps2 on a 4k TV?

As a heads up you are able to plug in the PS2 into element inputs (in case your UHD TV has it) using only the AV cables) The PS2 games are going to have the ability to show but PS1 games operate on the PS2 will still not appear because of low resolution output. … Using the adaptor, the PS1 games will show just fine.

Can ps2 to HDMI operate?

Regrettably, the PS2 doesn’t play nicely with contemporary HD TVs, as the allowable movie modes for your PS2 are usually not supported. … If you attempt to plug in a PS2 to a different TV, even using the advanced component cables, then you probably won’t receive anything.

How can you create the ps2 seem good on an HDTV?

If you would like a PS2 to look good on a HDTV, then you would like a plasma screen as they’re as near CRT because it gets for contemporary TVs. They’re far better at displaying lower resolution content compared to LCD screens. Component cables assist but LCDs will still resemble a small mess (plasmas do not look good , only better).

How can I connect my ps2 to my laptop using HDMI?

Plug the VGA cable from the pc to the VGA-IN input the change box. Then use another VGA cable to connect the screen to the VGA-OUT output on the change box. DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort – When your computer connects to a computer using DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort, leave your pc connected to your computer.


With the ideal Ps2 To Hdmi adapter converters, you may enjoy fantastic imagery and gameplay with no hassle with the installation, along with the converter could be expected to endure for a lengthy time. Provided that you’ve got one of them, your devices will not be wholly obsolete!

Thanks for spending your time reading our best PS2 DHMI Adapter Converters. I expect you among those best PS2 DHMI Adapter Converters is may become your favorite.

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