Top 3 Best Pencil Torch in 2021

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Would you require pencil flashlight? . Finding hard to find the best pencil flashlight? . Don’t stress! Our listing of pencil flashlight will provide you a lot of ideas!

Have a look at our listing of Top 3 Best Pencil Torch you might enjoy.

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Top 3 Best Pencil Torch

Bestseller No. 3
Micro-Flame Pencil Torch – Refillable Butane Soldering Jewelry Hobbies - SFC Tools - 14-425
Aluminum body, adjustable heat, brass control valve, neck, and tip; Temperatures reach up to 1300 C/2370 F
Bestseller No. 5
1200 Celsius Flame Gun Jet Torch Pencil Style Lighter Welding Soldering Repairing Cigarette Cigar Fire Starter w/Flame Lock Gas Window,Black
1200 Celsuis highest flame temperature is powerful and high intensity.Adjustable for use; Package inlcudes 1x lighter (gas not included)
Bestseller No. 6
Mag-Torch MT200C Propane Pencil Flame Burner Torch
This are arc welding accessory; This are highly durable; This is manufactured in United States
Bestseller No. 7
The PT4000 Pencil Torch operates with a standard butane canister (sold separately)
Pencil-shaped design, for ease of use; Quick-start ignition ball, for one-touch operation; Pull-down, retractable, tabletop stand, for hands-free use
Bestseller No. 8
Jet Pencil Torch Kitchen 1300 Celsius Blow Torch Refillable Lighters Butane Gas Welding Soldering BBQ Lighter,Golden
Simple to use, just a click-to-ignite button and flame lock; Visible window to monitor butane gas level
Bestseller No. 10

1 – Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch – Top Choice for Multi-Purpose Use

Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch Portable Micro Torch Mini Welder
  • Cordless butane soldering torch ideal for wood burning, pyrography, soldering, shrinking, cutting, heating, and other hobby & craft projects
  • Integrated ignition trigger with safety lock for easy start up, no independent ignition tool required. Safety lock prevents accidental ignition
  • Variable temperature control for precise control. Allows you to adjust the temperature and size of the flame. Operating temperatures of 1022° F - 2192° F
  • Flame lock-on mechanism keeps the torch on a continuous flame for simpler operation & extended use
  • Versatile 14-piece accessory kit - Offers versatile accessory range to solder, melt, cut, weld, shrink, burn, remove, wood burning and area heating

Have you been a creative employee and involved in a thorough project?

Subsequently Dremel 2000-01 is the perfect product for you. The product includes all the accuracy and flexibility you want.

The pen flashlight is portable and can cut, melt, heat, and also create cosmetic burns in a vast assortment of tools.

There are numerous reasons behind keeping this product near the top of the list. Let us begin with the features…
Attractive Important Features:

The top tip flashlight comes in a metallic box combined with many components to function with.

The entire collection is an entire working set and provides you a vast assortment of alternatives and facilities to get the job done.

The shaping knife suggestion gives you the capacity to form any metals while still working.

If you’re even in need of cutting anything, there’s a cutting edge knife for you also. The cutting knife melts the endings while cutting and provides you ideal ends.

There’s also a broad blower suggestion, a soldering tip, a hot air tip. It is possible to use each and each of them according to your working needs.

There’s also a protective cap to protect the ends of your flashlight.
Security features:

The flashlight has a child safety lock that prevents the kids around from getting harmed, in addition to unwanted ignitions.

You need to pull on the lock and press the button to the flashlight to light. The flashlight runs via butane and consequently, there’s not any probability of getting contact with power.

Other features:
You are able to control the degree of the fire and lock it in the level you want it to dismiss.

You will find just two buttons attached in the flashlight so you may have a predetermined degree of fire in your blow torch that can allow you to melt or cut precision.

Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip is an ideal pair of resources for hobbyists, artists, and artists.

The flashlight is excellent for burning, pyrography, shrinking, cutting, melting, etc.. The flashlight may also function on a vast assortment of metals that’s a bonus for virtually any craft or hobby projects.

You can do a little electrical repairs like joining cables, melting hints, etc..

Temperature control:
As I have mentioned previously, it is possible to restrict the degree of flame in the flashlight. Since the fire level is adjustable, you can adjust the temperature from 1022 F – 2192 F.

The mild is both refillable and the milder is powered by butane. A complete tank can do the job for you around 75 minutes.

The hints of this pencil make extremely hot. Therefore, after using it, don’t touch or intend to alter the tip.

Wait for it to cool down for a few minutes. Don’t use the protector cap if it’s hot, it may melt also.

I think now you’ve got why this pen flashlight is on top of the listing. This is a comprehensive package for the own users. If you’re a hobbyist, an artist, a jeweler, and also in need of accuracy and complete control over your fire, then that is the best product you could ever find. The flexibility and simplicity of use makes it among the best products in the marketplace.

  • Safety lock.
  • Temperature control.
  • Versatile.
  • Components aren’t available in the marketplace.

2 – Blazer PT-4000 Pencil Butane Torch

The Blazer PT-4000 Pencil Torch is rather small up to Blazer torches go. It’s pencil-shaped and made for very little tasks which need a precision fire to be implemented in a really particular contact region. It’s little enough to be carried in your pocket and so very portable and simple to store. It has a lot of features that make it the ideal instrument for many different tasks.

It runs on butane gas nevertheless it has to be a top quality butane gas in order to prevent clogging the nozzle. Clients have found some innovative uses for this, like igniting Circle fires and cigars, in addition to the typical software for which it’s intended, such as making and mending jewellery, plumbing and brazing.

Features of this Blazer PT-4000


  • Pencil shaped layout makes it very Simple to Use, easy to store and very easy to carry around with you
  • A quick-start ignition ball is located on the bottom of the flashlight so you can run it using a single touch with one hand
  • Table top stand — that really is excellent if you desired hands free operation and It’s Also retractable
  • Has a matte black finish
  • 4 g gas capacity

Ignition System

Why is Piezoelectric — that is actually the standard ignition system utilized in butane torches and it does not require an electric connection to spark
Has a guide ignition lock — for security purposes when you Aren’t using the flashlight


Blue-torch fire which Provides a precision fire tip and making it an Superb Selection for anything requiring a little flame contact area
Flame range is 0.75 to 2.0 inches.
Burn time is 30 minutes of continuous use on large
Need to utilize Blazer butane or another Excellent petrol, a lesser grade butane will likely clog the flashlight
Temperature is 2,500-degree F so It Isn’t too hot

Product Specifications Blazer PT-4000

  • Steps: 6.0 x 0.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Item model number: PT-4000
  • Substance Type: Iron
  • Ability: 4 g
  • Heat Time: 2 seconds


Approximately 2/3rds of clients love this tiny flashlight and they’re impressed with its durability, size and capacity to efficiently concentrate a fire in a small place, in addition to the selection of jobs it could be utilized for. They believe it’s a great butane soldering torch.

Another 1/3rd of clients aren’t pleased and have had severe problems with the flashlight like it stops working after only a few applications, the ignition not working, not being able to adjust the fire, in addition to customer service problems with Blazer. It’s these negative reviews which have reduced the normal rating. For more information about what clients need to say, you may read the reviews .

The Blazer PT 4000 Pencil Butane Torch is competitively priced and can be bought from Amazon. Additionally, it will come with free shipping, should you meet the requirements. If you’d like to test for the most recent cost, you will find it here. If you’re fortunate and get a flashlight without any problems, then it’s a really good purchase, but in case you fall into the 1/3 of clients who get a faulty product, you aren’t likely to feel exactly the identical way. An option to this PT-4000 is that the Dremel.3 – Blazer Butane Pencil Torch

  • Tough and finger-safe
  • Will concentrate a fire in a small place
  • Durable
  • Handy size
  • Versatile — may be used for Many jobs requiring a little fire
  • It may take from 1 to 5 clicks to receive a continuous fire.
  • Flame stinks readily
  • Problems with adjusting the fire

3 – SE – Torch – Butane, Pencil, Refillable, 7.5in. – MT150K

Pencil Torch
Pencil Torch

Pencil Torch Refillable butane torch, using a 1/2″ dia x 5-3/4″ body along with also a 1/4″ dia. x 2-1/4″ long head. Strong enough to melt solder, silver and gold solder, glass tubing, and these metals like gold, silver, aluminum, tin, and aluminum. Equally handy around the hobby store, jewelry seat, or laboratory. Refills from regular butane lighter canister.

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Pencil Torch Instructions

A pencil flashlight is a diminutive specialized tool which emits a fire to heat nonflammable pieces, like for soldering or for warming pipes for pops, among other applications. The size of a pen flashlight makes exact positioning of this fire potential in regions having cramped working area. Bigger torches emit bigger flames and provide more control; they are not intended for use in confined areas. Pencil torches run on butane fuel, producing a clean-burning fire pit.

Step 1

Hold the pencil flashlight in 1 hand with the underside pointing up.
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Step 2

Hold a can of butane in another hand. Be certain that the cigarette lighter filler suggestion will be affixed to the spray nozzle on the can.

Step 3

Press the butane tip into the pressure fitting on the flashlight and press on it inward.

Step 4

Eliminate the butane can if a small quantity of butane escapes in the flashlight. This also indicates that the flashlight is full of gas.

Step 5

Put on safety glasses or goggles.

Step 6

Switch the”On/Off” gas control dial counterclockwise to the”On” position while holding the flashlight in 1 hand. You need to hear gas escaping.

Step 7

Light a kitchen game together with another hand and hold the fire near the tip of the flashlight. The fire of the game will light the butane.

Step 8

Turn the gas control dial clockwise to produce the fire smaller or counterclockwise to increase the flame dimensions.

Step 9

Direct the fire of this pencil flashlight on metal objects to warm pipes, solder or braze.

Step 10

Switch the”On/Off” dial clockwise to the”Off” position to extinguish the fire after usage.

Step 11

Put the pencil flashlight on a nonflammable surface with the tip overhanging a surface so that the hot trick doesn’t burn items or people.

How to Repair Pencil Torch

This instructable could be a little absurd, but as for me personally, ive thrown around 10-15 of those pencil torches off (typical cheap blue one) since I could not find an answer for this very simple problem I recently only figured out! This can fix the fire when It’s shooting from bizarre directions or coming out in the manner of a fire instead of flashlight

Step 1: Unscrew Tip

Blow gently both ways inside the flashlight tip but be cautious once you’re blowing the opposite direction of the manner in which the gas comes out since there’s A valve stem thing which may be blown out of place. If thats the case just poke it back into position and it’s going to be fine. As I did so myself lol

Step 2: Twist On, Fill Up, Fire Up!

A flashlight fill should take no more than 10-15 seconds. The fill activity is dependent upon differential pressure between flashlight & gas can, & this is highly dependant on temperature. To acquire a max fill, set the flashlight in the refrigerator for 10 minutes prior to filling. Warm the gas can with your hands, or simply by putting it in your pocket for a short time. In this manner, you’ll find a maximum fill each moment. Filling a hot flashlight will cause a bad fill. Another tip: Prior to fillingpress on the valve in the flashlight & release a brief squirt of gasoline. This will blow off any crap in the fill stem off, & block it from being blown into the flashlight. Doing this each time contributes to a far longer flashlight life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a pencil flashlight used for?

A pencil flashlight is a diminutive specialized tool which emits a fire to heat nonflammable pieces, like for soldering or for warming pipes for pops, among other applications. The size of a pencil flashlight makes precise positioning of the fire possible in regions having cramped working areas.

How hot does a pen flashlight get?

Consumer atmosphere butane torches are usually promised to develop fire temperatures around approximately 1,430 °C (2,610 °F). This temperature is sufficient to melt several common metals, like aluminum and aluminum, and warm enough to vaporize several organic compounds too.

How long can a flashlight last?

About 20 minutes

Light the torch with a continuous, open fire like a milder or a campfire. It’ll take 30 seconds or so to mild, but soon the whole flashlight head is going to probably be engulfed in flames. The typical flashlight will burn for approximately 20 minutes.


One of the aforementioned collection of best-selling products, we select Best Pencil Torch, as our very first and Best Pencil Torch. It includes a flashlight and attachment and contains different features like automatic on / off ignition, aluminum construction, pressure controlled, and adjustable flame control knob. It’s best to use for light welding, soldering, heat treating and brazing. You might even use this flashlight even to get a bigger diameter owing to the ultra-swirl fire, which provide maximum heat output.

Which you’re going to select? Allow me to understand your questions or experience using this butane torch in the below remarks section.