Top 4 Best Panniers For Groceries Reviews

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What do you know about the best panniers for groceries? You can attach them to your bicycle or bike to carry groceries from markets and grocery stores. They are portable, handy, and very durable to use.

Made from weather-protective materials, the rugged lining of the pannier makes it superior to use. You can also install more than one pannier for groceries on your bike. They carry heavy bottles, clothes, large grocery bags, books, and many other things.

If you don’t know which is the best pannier for groceries to buy, go for the most valuable pick on this list. And that is the Banjo Brothers Grocery Bag Pannier for daily use. It’s strong, effective, and long-lasting.

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Top 4 Best Panniers For Groceries Reviews

#1. Banjo Brothers Grocery Bag Pannier – Best Mountable Pannier For Groceries

Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier
  • 1100 Cubic Inch Capacity or One Brown Paper Grocery Bag
  • Ripstop Front and Sides with Ballistic Fabric in High-Wear Areas
  • Adjustable Quick-Attach Elastic Attachment
  • Plated-Steel Frame and Rigid Polymer Liner Prevent Sagging
  • Includes Shoulder Strap and Handles

There’s nothing to be confused about when using a pannier for groceries. Panniers are useful bags because they help you carry groceries on a bike easily. They are made up of outdoor-friendly materials with secure zipper locks. And the Banjo Brothers Grocery Bag Pannier is truly one of the best.

It features two installation hooks – you can easily attach it to your bike. The hooks sit well on the bike racks and so are comfortable to install and maintain. It also features a quick-attachment mount for convenience in case you’re new to panniers for groceries.

And while it features a soft and comfortable fabric that is big enough to accommodate a large brown grocery bag. It also features a strong and sturdy steel frame and polymer liner. This prevents sagging and keeps the bag erect and strong for a long time.

The handles and shoulder strap make the pannier accessible inside and outside the rack. You can carry the pannier to the supermarket and store all your goodies in it. And then attach it to your rack with the help of the adjustable quick-attach elastic attachment. Quick and simple, right?

  • Thick and strong bag material.
  • Superior and functional mounting/tension system.
  • Easy to wash and keep stain-, odor-free.
  • The shoulder straps are not wide enough.

#2. Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier – Best Double Panniers For Groceries

Bushwhacker Omaha - Bicycle Grocery Pannier Cycling Rack Basket Bike Rear Bag Rear Accessories - Sold as Pair
  • Two grocery panniers attach to the top of the rack with two metal hooks and the bottom of the rack or bike frame with a bungee and S Hook.
  • Each pannier will accommodate one full sized grocery bag.
  • When not in use folds flat for storage.
  • Dimensions: 14" Length x 9" width x 11.5" height
  • Each pannier supports carries up to 15 lbs of goods.

The second best pick on this list is a multi-functional and spacious pannier. It can withstand heavier and larger objects easily. In numbers, it can carry weight up to 30 pounds together. So that’s 15 pounds in each bag. And 6×2-liter bottles in each. These are exceptional rack-mounted bags to buy for outdoor use.

Another great thing about the pannier grocery bag is that you can clip it when not in use. This means it won’t stick out of your bicycle on your way to the grocery store. It’s space-saving and user-friendly like no other!

Each pannier comes with two metal hooks. You can attach the panniers to the top or the bottom edge of the rack. Whatever is comfortable and convenient for you. The handle is secure and tight. It doesn’t bounce as you’re riding the bicycle. And there’s no metal hook or bulky strap protruding outside the pannier once you store stuff in it.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and durable storage companion, go for this one. The special features like the mesh top-half of the panniers make it unique and durable to use. The multiple connection points that hook like bungee cords also keep the panniers steady.

It features existing mounting holes that instruct you exactly how to install it on your bike. So no guesswork and no making mistakes. If you ask me, you’re not going to find a pannier as efficient and compatible as this one – at such a great price!

  • Extremely durable and lightweight.
  • They mount firmly with a strong grip.
  • Great for groceries, bottles, sporting equipment, books, etc.
  • None so far.

#3. Banjo Brothers Market Pannier – Best Portable Panniers For Groceries

Banjo Brothers Market Pannier
  • Roughly the Size of a Paper Grocery Bag
  • Reinforcement Panels in all Wear Areas
  • Side Straps Adjust Support and Fold Pannier Closed when not Used
  • Cinch-Down Flap keeps Load Covered and Secure
  • Inside Zipper Pocket for Keys and Cash

Exploring different stores and supermarkets using a pannier is the best feeling in the world. Because it’s convenient, user-friendly, and portable. You don’t have to worry about carrying big and uncomfortable plastic bags everywhere. The Banjo Brothers Market Pannier, for example, is quick and efficient.

It’s well-built and gets the job done. You’ll buy more of these once you get to know them. Super effective and supportive for carrying heavy groceries. It has a solid capacity and builds to support that capacity. It carries heavy volume which means lots of products at once. And it can withstand heavy weight which means it does carry bigger and bulkier items easily.

Each bag carries up to 20 pounds and more depending upon the strength of your bike! It stands up to outdoor use efficiently. Staying clean, stain-free, odor-free, and most importantly, spill-free during the windy climate.

Installing this on your bike using the pannier’s side-straps, reinforcement panels, and hooks is super-easy and quick. It features a cinch-down flap to keep the groceries protected. And extra zipper pockets for keeping change, keys, etc.

This is a very systematic and efficient pannier system for carrying groceries. It’s easy to adjust, load, and unload. And if well-taken care of, this best pannier for groceries will last for a very long time.

  • Fit easily and securely the first time around.
  • Big enough for small and bulky items.
  • Great reinforcement panels for weather protection.
  • You’ll need a rain cover for the monsoon.

#4. VincitaJess Bicycle Grocery Pannier – Best Thermal Lining Panniers For Groceries

Vincita Jess Bicycle Grocery Pannier - Bike Shopping Bag for Urban Commuter with Large Capacity, Handle and Reflective Spots- Modern Stylish Design for All Bikes (Gray)
  • ✅ FITS FULL SIZED GROCERY BAG: Vincita grocery bag pannier will accommodate one full sized grocery bag. It has large capacity with big zipper opening to keep your items from bouncing out of the tops unless normal bike basket. There is an extra front pocket for easy reach and quick access to small items such as wallet, phone and keys. You don't need to carry everything on your back anymore!
  • ✅ INSULATED TO KEEP YOUR GROCERY FRESH: With a special foam inner layer, our market pannier acts as a cooler, which can keep hot or cold items for a longer time in hot summer and warm in winter. The bag is ideal for transporting grocery, clothes, tools, gadgets, lunch, rain jacket, and a bunch of other stuff. It is also perfect to use as grocery bags for when going to market or as touring bags when travel outdoor.
  • ✅ EASY TO INSTALL AND CAN FIT UPTO 10MM DIAMETER RACK: This bicycle shopping pannier has 2 metal hooks attachment which are compatible with most bikes with rear carriers, including electric bike, hybrid bike, city bike, mountain bike, and even folding bicycles.
  • ✅ RIGID BACK PANEL AND CARRYING HANDLE FOR PORTABLE:This pannier has comfortable carrying handle straps for portable, avoiding your items in the bag being stolen by thieves. Each side of this pannier has a rigid back panel to maintain bag structure and avoid touching the wheels.
  • ✅ REFLECTIVE SPOTS & TAILLIGHT HANGER FOR VISIBILITY AT NIGHT: For ensuring night time riding safety, Vincita market saddle bag has reflective detail and nylon strap in the back for hanging rear light.

The VincitaJess Bicycle Grocery Pannier is one of the best we’ve tested so far. It features a modern, sleek, and functional design. And the fact that has a solid carrying handle with a spacious size is a huge bonus. It means you can carry the bag and it is easy to load and unload.

The pannier also features a few extra pockets for keeping smaller items like money, keys, wallet, tickets, etc. It’s a highly functional pick because you can keep anything inside it. Groceries, rain jackets, gadgets, clothes, books, lunch, and other stuff.

The pannier has an extra foam layer that keeps hot items hot for longer and cold items cool for longer. This means it’s the perfect weather-friendly pannier for groceries. If you’re packing an ice cream tub or candies or butter, you don’t have to worry about it melting during your commute.

The pannier also has a firm and supportive base and back. This means the pannier from overflowing or bending out of shape. It features a very supportive set of hooks and straps that keep the pannier straight and erect.

It’s compatible with most bikes including folding, electric, hybrid, city, and mountain bikes. Speaking of versatility, the walls of the panniers are secure enough for storing gadgets and DSLR cameras.

  • Easiest to load/unload on the bike.
  • Very adaptive and rugged design.
  • Strong and portable carrying handle and frame.
  • The Velcro lacks quality.

Complete Buying Guide of the Best Panniers for Groceries

Types of Bike Panniers

1. Briefcase Pannier

As the name suggests, a briefcase pannier is created for carrying a laptop. Therefore, it’s the most suitable for the daily commuter. So there’s no need for you to buy a laptop sleeve.

The design, in this case, is the thinnest because of the importance given to protection and durability rather than size and capacity. You can detach it quite easily from your bike and convert into a shoulder backpack for simple transport whilst off your bicycle.

2. Front Pannier

This kind of pannier is the smallest in size and fits in front of your bicycle. These panniers are compatible with the front wheel, but not structured to handle heavy loads. In fact, you can even connect one to your handlebar, much like those bicycle baskets you see all the time. But here you also get extra protection plus service.

Front panniers have a smaller size and capacity. So it’s highly advisable to not overload the front wheel of your bike.

3. Rear Pannier

Now here’s the most commonly used pannier. A back pannier consists of a double design. So you can store your belongings on both sides of your bicycle. But then you require a back rack to connect the pannier to the bicycle panel.

The capacity here is 20 liters, which makes it the most fitting choice for supermarket visits. Some of the best panniers for groceries come in a range of sizes with waterproof, durable features to protect your items. And most of them are also designed with a roll-top close system, which means you can conveniently get your belongings if you want them.

Most Important Factors of the Best Panniers for Groceries

It’s time to go through the main characteristics that demand the most attention if you want to buy a pannier that is of practical use…


No doubt, this is one of the most important factors that can either make or break your experience of using a pannier for your groceries. But please note that there aren’t any specific sizes. So the size or capacity you choose is entirely based on your personal preferences.

If the volume or quantity of items you carry is large, then a bigger size is the most practical to buy. Nevertheless, a higher capacity is the best for all kinds of situations. Because it’s always a better idea to have more space at your disposal. So you never run out of room in the case of carrying more items.


The construction of the pannier is also important in terms of value and durability. This brings into the picture the different types of materials used for construction. Can the pannier hold the weight of all the items you know you’re going to use it for? If it can hold, then it means you should expect long-lasting durability.

Mounting System

How does the pannier attach to your bicycle? You have to check this out at the time of buying. The attachment should be secure, no matter what mechanism is employed.

Also, it should be easy for you to mount as well as dismount the pannier. There’s a lot of convenience in such little things when visits to the supermarket are more frequent.

Front Or Rear

Obviously, this particular factor is one of the very first few things that come to mind. Should you store your groceries at the back or front of your bicycle? The former is the most advisable, hence also the most common. Simply because cycling requires you to have a full view of the front wheel. So you can adjust the tire quickly for a safe ride.

Here’s another benefit of attaching one of these best panniers for groceries at the back. When the pannier is in the rear section of your bike, you can weave through pedestrians, make a U-turn, maneuver at a slow speed, etc. much more easily.

So does that mean front-loading panniers are a bad choice? Nope, not necessarily. These are the best for situations like an open, large, dirt road. Also, front panniers, no doubt, add more stability to the ride, even though they tend to slow down your speed.

And there’s just no denying that sensitive goods are best carried in the front rather than the back.

Ease of Loading/Unloading Items

Does the pannier have a basket top design? If yes, then please don’t dismiss it as a design flaw or anything like that. The basket top design is specially put in place for allowing you to load at the grocery and unload once you reach home more easily. It better be quick, right?

Additional Features

Look into some extra features in case you want more than just a basic pannier. Such as the following additional design elements for more convenience…

Reflective Tapes – No doubt, they promote road safety.

Extra Pockets – So you can store other important items, like your keys, cash, etc.

Shoulder Straps and Carry Handles – Once again, these make the task of carrying your items and the pannier more convenient.


Do you really need to spend more in order to buy a pannier that’s superior in terms of quality, durability, capacity, and the like?

The price range is broader, as you can imagine is the case with almost every such product in the consumer market. And many of us buy based on what our budget is, right?

Nevertheless, it’s important to know that you can indeed get a good quality pannier that costs $30-$70.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Best Panniers for Groceries

What can panniers carry?

Let’s start with daily items – water bottle, keys, phone, notebook, wallet, etc.

Moving on to portable office items – Laptop (and its case, charger, and stand), phone cable, USB wall charger, etc.

As for bike accessories – Windbreaker, bike lock, patch kit, front/rear bike lights, etc.

Extras – Small lunch, extra pair of clothing and shoes, reusable silverware, etc.

Will the pannier hit the wheel or your legs when pedaling?

If it’s among the best ones, then you don’t have to worry about things like your heel or wheel coming in contact. Generally speaking, these types of carry/storage bags for bikes are specially designed with a slightly tapered bottom. So they’re not as wide as they are tall.

Is there a weight limit to panniers?

This depends on the capacity or size of the pannier. If that is large, then the straps and overall construction can indeed handle the weight of a bigger volume or quantity of items. But then don’t forget that heavy-loaded panniers make the bike and your ride unstable.


If your precious bicycle has a rack, then go ahead and buy a pannier to make your supermarket visits much more convenient. But carrying goods on the bike isn’t easy. Even so, more and more people are choosing to commute this way (and here’s why). So how about making the task easier with the help of equipment like this!

In the end, just keep in mind that your grocery pannier should be affordable, long-lasting, foldable, and also equipped with handles and shoulder straps.

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