Top 3 Best Lettuce Keeper: Reviews And Buying Guide

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Throwing away lettuce only because they spoil easily is not an easy thing to do. Each time you throw away spoiled lettuce or any cabbaged greens, it’s like you’re throwing away the money you spent to buy it. The best lettuce keeper extends the life of your lettuce in a way you thought impossible!

It works to keep your cabbaged greens fresh and crispy. Though they are not miracle-workers, they do prolong the shelf life of lettuce by a week or two. But eventually, if you don’t consume the lettuce within this time, it will spoil. But with a lettuce keeper, you have a good start on things. And if you really want to know the healing powers of a lettuce keeper, don’t look away from this one. The Prep Solution by Progressive Lettuce Keeper is sharp and efficient. If you want something that works, this is your go-to choice.

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Top 3 Best Lettuce Keeper: Reviews And Buying Guide

#1. Prep Solution By Progressive Lettuce Keeper – Best Affordable Lettuce Keeper

Prep Solutions by Progressive Lettuce Keeper Produce Storage Container, 4.7 Quarts
  • PRODUCE STORAGE CONTAINER + COLANDER: This produce saver features an adjustable air vent & water reservoir to create the ideal environment for fresh fruits & vegetables, keeping them fresh longer.
  • WASH & STORE IN ONE CONTAINER: This dishwasher safe container features a storage guide printed on the front for quick reference. Use the included divider into place to store different produce together.
  • MEAL PREP MADE EASY: Our food storage containers enhance the convenience of everyday meal preparation for the busy home cook. We offer airtight, secure storage canisters for all your kitchen needs.
  • STYLISH DESIGN & SOLID FUNCTIONALITY: Our philosophy is simple—offer stylish designs with no-nonsense functionality. We understand the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family & friends connect.
  • INNOVATING KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: We boast over 40 years of innovating kitchen products & housewares with unique gadgets & tools for food preparation plus thoughtfully designed food storage containers.

Ditch the harmful and sticky container and buy a professional lettuce keeper for your kitchen. Don’t know what it looks like? It looks exactly like the Prep Solution by Progressive Lettuce Keeper.

It’s a storage container that is designed specifically for keeping salads – especially lettuce. It keeps the lettuce fresh, crunchy, and delicious. The lettuce keeper also comes with a colander that sits inside the container. And an adjustable air vent to create the ideal environment for your lettuce.

The container has a printed label at the side that shows the proper air vent needs of different produce. So you know which ingredient needs air and which doesn’t. Lettuce, for example, needs an open-air vent system. Asparagus, celery, carrots, and berries – don’t.

Such innovative features are convenient and useful. They really smoothen out all the confusion you might have while taking care of fresh produce. And ensuring that they stay fresh for longer than a week.

The last thing you need is to throw away fresh produce within a day or two of buying them. And with a lettuce keeper, you can store fresh produce for longer. It keeps it healthy, safe, and moisture-free. For stylish and foolproof functionality, buy this best lettuce keeper right now.

  • No rotting, sogginess, or brown spots.
  • Easy to clean and quick storage.
  • Also doubles as a high-quality colander.
  • The divider is a bit flimsy.

#2. Rubbermaid 1920479 Produce Container – Best Convenient Lettuce Keeper

Rubbermaid Produce Food Storage, 17.3 Cup, Green
  • Includes 1 large FreshWorks Produce Saver container (17.3 cup)
  • Save money, food, and trips to the grocery store, by keeping produce fresher longer with FreshWorks
  • FreshVent technology regulates flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the ideal produce environment
  • Crisp Tray helps keep moisture away from produce to reduce spoilage
  • Lid filter lasts a lifetime

The Rubbermaid Produce Container is the number one choice for most people. And it’s also a personal favorite of mine. It maintains the nutrient density and flavor of the fresh produce you store in it.

What really works for this lettuce keeper is longevity. It keeps itself clean and hygienic for longer. And it keeps the food you store in it fresh and delicious too. So if I were you, I’d buy this for durability alone.

Having said that, Rubbermaid does have extra benefits that are hard to overlook. First off, it’s made of dishwasher-safe and BPA-free plastic. It requires no filter changes which is a common hassle in other food storage containers.

The bottom of the container has perforations that regulate proper airflow. This also keeps unwanted moisture out. The excess water drains out of the container and moves to the bottom. So nothing that could possibly spoil the fresh produce comes in contact.

Another great feature is the secure lid. It’s so good – including its filter – it will last a lifetime.  Some reviewers call this lettuce keeper a “mini-crisper.” What this means is that it retains the crunchiness of the food. And in salads, especially when talking about lettuce, crispiness is an important factor.

And if you’re anything like me, you want the fresh produce to stay as fresh as possible and for as long as possible. This will save many trips to the fresh produce market. And prevents food wastage because when vegetables aren’t stored properly, they become soggy and develop brown spots on them immediately.

  • Easy to store and stacks well.
  • Functionality and effectiveness to use.
  • The lid filter is durable and sturdy.
  • Some condensation when kept in the refrigerator.

#3. OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper – Best Lettuce Keeper With Carbon Filters

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper - Large
  • Waste less and save more with OXO GreenSaver Produce Keepers, a complete food storage system designed to keep produce fresher longer
  • The enhanced carbon filter traps and absorbs ethylene gas, slowing down the aging process and reducing spoilage
  • The elevated colander lifts produce up and away from the container walls to promote airflow from all sides and prevent rotting
  • The adjustable vent on top of each Produce Keeper maintains optimum humidity levels for different kinds of produce, keeping them crisp and fresh
  • The 5 qt/4.7 L capacity is ideal for carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other long produce

This is the closest any produce keeper has come to look like Tupperware. And it functions much better than one. The OXO Good Grips is a popular choice. It is specifically designed to meet your needs. And it’s a great way to save fresh produce from wilting.

What this best lettuce keeper does is it maintains the texture and flavor of lettuce. So the texture is always crispy and firm. And the flavor is refreshing and solid. The OXO Good Grips have carbon filters that create the perfect environment for fresh produce.

By absorbing ethylene, it slows down the aging process of the lettuce. This improves how crunchy and fresh the lettuce tastes when you take it out of the container. But it also proves that you can store lettuce for weeks without it spoiling.

Unlike other lettuce keepers, this one has a limited carbon filter. This means it comes with a time frame. So carbon filters generally stay effective for 90 days. After which, you have to replace the filter or buy a new produce keeper.

But don’t let that stop you from buying this. The colander, secure lid, and good weight of the container make this a tempting choice. Something that you can use for all your special ingredients. Keeping the lettuce fresh, crisp, and delicious even for those who don’t eat salads as much.

  • The raised colander maintains proper humidity levels.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Commercial-grade carbon filters for longevity.
  • You have to replace the carbon filters after 90 days.

Buying A Lettuce Keeper For The First Time

If you’re looking for a good lettuce keeper, you’ve come to the right place. The following information discusses everything you need to know about keeping lettuce fresh and safe.

It all boils down to how you store lettuce. And the quick answer is to store it in a proper, high-quality lettuce keeper. It’s like a container but with a few extra features that keep lettuce fresh and crunchy.

A lettuce keeper is best used to avoid bacterial formation or mold inside. This is better than store lettuce in a plastic bag because it avoids the risk of contamination. Contamination of moisture, air, and other liquids.

A lettuce keeper comes with a proper seal that keeps the moisture locked to a certain level. And prevents any spills or leaks when you stack it in the fridge. It also ensures that the inside of the container is odor-less and dry.

There are two ways of storing lettuce in a container:

Storing Lettuce Head

When storing the heads of lettuce, you need to store them whole. If you chop them into pieces, they will lose their crunchiness eventually. Even if you store them in a container box.

Make sure you remove the wilted parts of the head and line the lettuce keeper with paper towels. This gets rid of excess water.

Storing Lettuce Leaves

Storing the leaves of lettuce in small amounts in a lettuce keeper is safe. Make sure it’s pre-washed and dried. And make sure you do not store any wilted or damaged leaves with the fresh ones. Always throw away the leaves that look like they’re not so fresh anymore.

If you plan on storing a bunch of lettuce leaves together, line the bottom with paper towels. Scatter the leaves of the lettuce on top. A lettuce keeper has a firm and secure seal that promotes proper air circulation. So if you see some condensation, this is a good sign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to store lettuce correctly?

You can try out these two methods to keep cabbaged greens fresh for longer. One is a quicker way to storing lettuce while the other is more intricate but effective.

Using a paper towel to dry out the cabbaged greens before storing it goes a long way. You can either dab the vegetable with a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture. Make sure you do not rub the paper towel against the surface of the greens.

Or you can line up the storage container with paper towels. Replace the towels once every week or so. This is how cabbaged greens stay fresh and last longer than when you do not get rid of excess water.

The second method to keep cabbaged greens is using a crisper. Crisper functions are slightly different than standard containers. It gives lettuce-specific benefits like maintaining a cool environment and balancing the humidity levels.

A lettuce crisper is ideal because it avoids wilting or browning. It absorbs moisture and discards excess moisture in a built-in reservoir. You can empty out the excess moisture once every 14 days for the best and consistent results.

2. How long does lettuce last in the fridge?

Once you know how to store lettuce correctly, it should stay fresh and crunch for 2-3 weeks. A lettuce head will last longer than the leaves portion. Considering that there are different varieties of lettuce such as iceberg, endive. You have to be very careful about how you wash and store them.

For example, you can store a whole iceberg in a lettuce keeper. A good pick for iceberg lettuce would be OXO GOOD GRIPS GREENSAVER PRODUCE KEEPER . It maintains a cool environment inside the container. With a draining tray that removes excess moisture. So you don’t have to line the bottom with paper towels –saving you the extra work.

3. How to increase the shelf life of lettuce after storage?

Here’s what most people don’t know about keeping lettuce keeper fresh. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in keeping lettuce fresh and crispy. An increased supply of carbon dioxide can delay spoilage.

So yes, that does mean that you can exhale into the lettuce keeper after you’ve stored the greens in it. Seal it again right after exhaling to keep the carbon dioxide trapped inside.

This is an effective tip for storing and prolonging the shelf of the leaves of lettuce. But make sure for hygienic reasons that you are exhaling on the lettuce that only you are planning to eat.


After looking at a wide variety of products, these are this year’s best lettuce keeper picks. I want you to understand that not every lettuce keeper will meet your needs. That is why I have reviewed so many options based on different user requirements. I’m sure you’ll find yours right here.  

Once you consider the best lettuce keeper, you can start thinking about how to make the best salad recipe at home. And you can trust that the lettuce keeper will keep your cabbaged greens crisp and delicious for days.

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