Top 4 Best Dumbbell Handles Reviews

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Dumbbell exercises are a great way to strengthen and tone your muscles. And the best part about it is that you don’t even need a gym membership to achieve realistic fitness goals. All you need is the right dumbbell weights and the best dumbbell handles.

Dumbbells help you build muscle strength and definition. You can buy the best dumbbell handle if you already have a few dumbbell weights at home. You can work all your muscles including your abs, pectoral muscles, legs, arms, and arms.

Use a combination of light and heavy weights – all with a set of dumbbell handles by your side. Such a helpful and solid tool at your disposal, it’s the best thing your home gym can have.

And if you’re wondering which best dumbbell handle to buy, go for the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Bar. It will accommodate all your body-toning and strengthening exercises. You can perform deadlifts, kickbacks, skull crushes, bench presses, and lots more!

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Top 4 Best Dumbbell Handles Reviews

#1. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Bar – Best Adjustable Dumbbell Bar

Yes4All 1.15-inch Dumbbell Handles with Lock Collars - Dumbbell Handles Set for 1.15-inch Weight Plates (Set of 2)
  • Note: The 1.125 inch is the diameter of the dumbbell handle as mage attached below. But the product fit the weight plate 1.15 inch. 10 LBS TOTAL: TWO 16” long diameter solid steel handles & FOUR collars with rubber trims
  • FITS 1.15-INCH BAR: Holes on weight plates fit 1.15” diameter (Set of 52.5, 105, 200 lbs).
  • 16-INCH POWDER COATED HANDLE: Constructed of high-quality, textured chrome handle for maximum durability and a secure, firm, and non-slip grip
  • STAR-LOCK COLLARS WITH LOOSE-RESISTANT RUBBER TRIMS: Threaded ends with star-lock collars provide a safe, secure workout and easy weight plate changes
  • WIDER SLEEVES: Offer larger room for adding more weight plates and increase challenge, great for both beginners and intermediate users

If you want something strong and reliable to add to your home gym, let it be the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Bar. It offers plenty of weight for the price. It’s cost-effective and versatile to use.

The dumbbell bar has lock collars with rubber grips. These are made of high-quality and textured rubber and they are super grippy. Offering amazing resistance and durability for a workout.

The threaded chrome handle makes it easier for changing plates. And the non-slip grips ensure smooth and slip-free lifting. These best dumbbell handles are exactly like the descriptions. Quick and efficient to put the weights on and take off.

Even if you work out in the basement where it’s bound to get really humid, there’s nothing you have to worry about. The rust-resistant and hard steel handles are impressively durable. Power-coated and with wider sleeves, they are the most rugged handlebars to use.

The 1-inch handles are the ideal solution for adding substantial and heavy weights. The lock collars and rubber grips make sure nothing slips out. And even while lifting the weights, the bar feels solid and secure in every way.

  • Plenty of adjustability and stability.
  • Solid and long-lasting anti-slip grips.
  • Quick and easy plate changing.
  • The chrome paint may chip off.

#2. ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell Handle – Best Versatile Dumbbell Handle

ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell Weights Set Fitness Dial Dumbbell 27.5/44/55/66/71.5 Lbs for Home Gym Pair
  • SPACE SAVING - One dumbbell equal to 12 different weights dumbbells, compact design save your space at home
  • WIDELY APPLICATION - Ativafit Dumbbells with 12 different weights are suitable foor performing basic body workouts, core fitness or specific muscle groups.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Contoured, textured and soft grip handle design provides comfortable and secure grip control
  • SWEET GIFT - A great gift for your family or friends who is fitness enthusiasts
  • 100% SATISFACTION SERVICE - If you have any questions about the Ativafit dumbbell stand, please feel free to contact us, we guarantee you a 12 months warranty return for no reason and lifetime warranty with FREE replacement parts.

Based on the shape, grip, and adjustability of this dumbbell handle, you should totally buy the ATIVAFIT. It comes with a stellar brand reputation and great customer feedback from personal trainers. So it is a highly recommended dumbbell handle for most people.

This is an all-in-one design. It can combine 7 sets of weights easily with the help of a solid and sturdy handle. It’s great for exercising your whole body. The feel and texture of the handle are quite user-friendly and versatile.

The handle is designed in such a way that it shouldn’t take you longer than 5 seconds to switch the weights. It’s efficient and very space-saving to use. The red release button lets you switch the weights easily.

Overall, the ATIVAFIT is a sleek and sophisticated pick. The mechanism of changing the weights is smooth and quick. But even by its look and overall feel, it’s a sturdy and stellar handle.

The value of this best dumbbell handle gets higher and higher as you use it. It costs a little more but it allows many dumbbells of different weights. So you don’t have to think of using something else.

  • Well-made and sturdy handle.
  • The plates are easy to switch or remove completely.
  • High-quality material with versatile shape.
  • Lining the plates takes some time.

#3. CAP Barbell Threaded Dumbbell Handle – Best Beginner-friendly Dumbbell Handles

CAP Barbell Pair of 14 Inch Regular Threaded Dumbbell Handles
  • SPECS –Each dumbbell is 14inch x 2.75inch x 2.75inch; Combined weight of 7.3 pounds
  • CONSTRUCTION – Made with solid steel with a black powder coat finish.
  • FEATURES – These dumbbell handles have knurling hand grips to reduce slipping during weight lifting exercises and have threaded handles.
  • TRUST – Trust experience. CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has locations worldwide. Chances are if you have ever workout out, you have worked out with a CAP product.

The CAP Barbell Threaded Dumbbell Handle features star-lock collars made from solid steel. They are also coated in a durable and efficient finish which prevents rusting or chipping.

These best dumbbell handles accommodate very many weights. They offer incredible adjustability during changing weights. And that helps you get through more exercises and reps easily.

The design of this threaded dumbbell handle is quite space-saving. It’s quick to use. And it’s consistent. You can use light weights during your upper body exercises. And switch to heavier weights for leg exercises. And there’ll be no delay in how much you use this dumbbell handle for an intense workout session.

Having this at your disposal for your home gym is an amazing choice. You have no idea how useful a threaded dumbbell handle can be. Even if you don’t lift weights a lot, you can increase your repetitions using lighter weights with this one. It’s secure and tough to use.

The non-slip grip, threaded ends, and star-lock collars with rubber rings. All these features make the CAP Barbell a highly-secure, sleek, and secure handle to use. And it’s incredibly user-friendly for beginners.

  • Compact and sturdy to use.
  • The knurling hand grips prevent slipping.
  • Reduces slipping or vibration when lifting.
  • None so far.

#4. A2ZCARE Threaded Dumbbell Handles – Best Heavy-duty Dumbbell Handles

A2ZCare Threaded Dumbbell Handles / Adjustable Dumbbell Bar Handles - Fit 1 inch Standard Weight Plate - Weightlifting Accessories - Sold in Pair (Rubber Handgrips - 18 inch)
  • FLEXIBLE WORKOUT: If you need to workouts with different levels of weight plates, you will need an A2zcare Thread dumbbell handle. It's a wonderful equipment for a variety of dumbbell exercises to strengthen muscles
  • DIMENSION: Two 18 inchs long x 1 inch diameter solid chrome steel handles & four star collars with rubber trims. The weight: 4.6lbs/each dumbbell. Note: Please check the size in the picture carefully before buying to get the right size.
  • FIT 1-INCH STANDARD PLATES: Accommodate all standard fits regular 1" hole plates, you will receive Two handles and 4 Easy Spin Locks Collars are also included
  • DURABLE: Heavy-duty steel and durable rubber O-ring. Handle with chrome finish won't flake off, knurled handle prevents slipping, collars stay tight, textured grips promote secure, comfortable hold.
  • 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY AND 30-DAY FREE RETURN: When you buy our adjustable dumbell handle, you can relax to know that it comes with a comprehensive warranty policy. Help you enjoy experiences with your adjustable dumbbell handle

Last but not the least, this dumbbell handle is a flexible and functional one. It is made up of strong and durable materials. It has a heavy-duty rubber ring with star-lock collars. This means it can take on some really heavy and thick plates.

There are two options you can pick from when it comes to the handles. The first is a chrome handle and the second option is a rubber handle. A chrome handle has rubber trims and is still just as grippy as the rubber handles. It anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and very comfortable.

The rubber handle has chrome plating and star-lock collars. It has an advantage because it also features textured non-slip grips to give your palms a break during workouts. If your palm tends to get really sweaty, you might want to go for the rubber handles.

Overall, this is a strong and foolproof set of dumbbell handles. They are very secure, firm, and sleek-looking. The textured surface offers increases anti-slip performance. It’s better than anything I’ve ever seen in terms of stability and support.

The chrome handles, on the other side, offer better overall quality. They are pro-style dumbbell handles producing the best and most consistent results. Easy to clean and practically indestructible. You don’t want to miss out on these.

  • Durable and strong rubber O-rings.
  • The collars stay tight and secure when lifting.
  • Includes a solid warranty on build quality.
  • None so far.

Top Features of Dumbbell Handles

Working out at home doesn’t have to be just about doing body-weight exercises. Once you have your dumbbells with a secure and durable dumbbell handle, nothing gets in the way. There are many features of a dumbbell handle that you need to consider.

1.     Grip Material

The first thing, however, that is a crucial factor, is the grip. There are two kinds of grips in dumbbell handles steel and rubber. If you ask a personal trainer which is the best material for a dumbbell handle, they will tell you either.

The grip material depends on your beginner or professional skills. If you’re a beginner, then you probably need more assistance and stability while lifting weights. Using handles made of high-quality and durable rubber is the way to go.

The rubber grip is more supportive in that they are not too abrasive when you hold them. Your palms won’t feel the resistance. And you won’t end up injuring your joints or blistering the skin.

Steel-made handles with a high-quality powdered finish are for intermediate and professionals. They do offer a superior grasp and cushioned grip. But they have an upper hand in terms of ruggedness. Trainers who use a steel-made handle may also invest in a set of gloves for better grip and protection.

2.     Handle Shape

Another important factor of consideration when picking dumbbell handles is the shape of the handle. Is it arched or cylindrical? Arched handles demand more attention and stability. They are for professional trainers who use heavy weights.

The most common type of dumbbell handles is cylindrical. They have a knurled finish and are more grip-focused than anything else.

Besides, a cylindrical handle is easier to hold on to for beginners than arched. Because it allows dumbbells with different shapes. So it’s a more versatile and long-lasting offer.

How To Pick Dumbbell Handles

When choosing one or more dumbbell handles for your home workout, think about the following things:

1. Budget

How much do you want to spend on a set of dumbbell handles? A cheaper dumbbell handle that can accommodate light and heavy weights will cost you under $50. However, the more rugged you want the dumbbell handles, the more you have to pay.

A high-quality and sleek adjustable dumbbell handle that will offer you extraordinary durability is from $100 to $300.

2.  Personal Goals

Do you want to keep up with your gym routine? Or are you looking to gradually increase your endurance with weight-lifting workouts?

Based on your personal fitness goals, spending less or more on dumbbell handles makes sense. Adjustable dumbbell handles are a better option. When you’re also running short on room, buying an adjustable dumbbell handle makes more sense.

3. Shape and Grip

You can buy cylindrical and arched handles. And for grips, you can rely on foam or rubberized grips. Rubber grips are more beginner-friendly. But foam is cheaper and can only accommodate lightweight dumbbells. Personal trainers swear by rubber grips because they are superior in a lot of ways.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the average size of a dumbbell handle?

Dumbbell handles come in different shapes and sizes. However, what you want to know is how much weight a dumbbell handle carries and the size of the plates. The average dumbbell handle can carry up to 100lbs of weight with 1-inch plates.

You can buy a dumbbell handle between 5 pounds to 10 pounds. 5-pound dumbbells are thinner while 10 pounds are thicker. And the more heavy-duty dumbbells going up to 12 to 15 pounds are slightly thicker than usual.

2. What are dumbbell handles?

Adjustable dumbbell handles are versatile and functional to use. You can select from a wide variety of dumbbell weights to target specific muscle groups. Lighter weights for upper body workouts and heavier ones for the lower body.

And all this you can do with a single dumbbell handle. A dumbbell handle, unlike standard dumbbells, does not have fixed dumbbell weights attached. You can add or remove the weights according to your personal goals.

With rubber rings and star-lock collars, you can switch the dumbbell plates for a customized fit. The grip and adjustability of dumbbell handles are a breeze to work with. You can use 1” plates and add up to 100lbs of dumbbells for an intense and sweaty session at home!

3. What’s the best way to choose dumbbell handles for the first time?

Personal trainers recommended sticking to these factors when buying dumbbell handles. You can identify what you want based on your personal fitness goals and stamina. To stick to these considerations when selecting your ideal dumbbell handle.

– Cost
– Shape of the handle (cylindrical or arched)
– Grip of the handle (steel-made, rubberized, or foam)
– Brand reputation
– Customer reviews
– Overall build quality

Final Thoughts

 If there’s anything missing from your home gym, it is the best dumbbell handle. You can easily incorporate a good and sweaty workout with a dumbbell. And tone all the muscles in your body using light to mid to heavy weights.

All these recommendations come with superb quality and adjustability. And they also cater to different preferences such as cost, durability, and warranty. So if you haven’t found your ideal pick yet, I’m sure this article has something you absolutely need.

Before you pick your personal favorite, don’t forget to read the basics of buying a dumbbell handle for the first time. This article has everything for the completely-clueless buyer as well! All this information is gathered from reputable sources. So you have nothing to worry about. Just take your pick and get ready to transform how you work out every day!   

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