Top 3 Best Airsoft Helmet

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Think of your own security, especially when you’re in the center of a friendly airsoft game. Best airsoft helmet can spare you from a significant injury

Airsoft sports really are benign and involve no actual threat to the participant only if he’s wearing adequate protective equipment eternally during the game. Tactical helmets made from steel net would be the simple safety things that you has to have prior to going in a game.

There are lots of helmets now available on the current market, to help you make up your mind, we’ve gone through numerous reviews, opinions, and opinions expressed by airsoft fans, and product specifications. Helmets are the earliest type of personal protective gear, have been worn by the Sumerians in the 17th century BC. Why people use helmets? As you can’t eliminate or minimize risks without taking protective steps.

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Top 3 Best Airsoft Helmet

SaleBestseller No. 1
ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft Fast Helmet Black
ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Paintball Airsoft Fast Helmet Black
★Made by High Quality ABS, Light Weight: about 550g
Bestseller No. 3
ACTIONUNION Airsoft Fast Helmet Pro Set PJ Type Tactical Paintball Helmet (Olive Drab Set)
ACTIONUNION Airsoft Fast Helmet Pro Set PJ Type Tactical Paintball Helmet (Olive Drab Set)
Helmet Size - suitable for head circumference 20.3"-24" inch; Comes Boxed
SaleBestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 9
French M15 Adrian Helmet with Face Mask'Polack Visor'
French M15 Adrian Helmet with Face Mask"Polack Visor"
Steel Shell with Leather Liner; Expertly Handcrafted Replica; Officially Licensed World War Supply Product

1, ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet (ABS)

ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet ABS for Airsoft Paintball(DE,L/XL)
  • Please Check the Ssize Instructions in the Picture Carefully to Make Sure the Helmet Fits Your Head Ccircumference. If You Feel a Little Tight, Try Removing the Mmat From the Helmet.
  • Adjustable: M/L Size: 53-57 cm (21-22.5 inch); L/XL Size: 58-61 cm (22.5-24 inch).
  • Made by High Quality ABS, Weight: about 770g
  • Not Designed to Withstand or Protect Against Real Ammunition.
  • Side Rails w/ Goggle Strap Clips & NVG Shroud, Bungee Retention for NVG; Vecro Panels Allow Fitment of Patches, IFF, Safety Lights, and Nametapes; Lightweight But Durable, High Quality Construction for Head Protection//***Warning: This item is for adult only.

ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet includes two dimensions, ranging from moderate to Large and Large to Extra Large.

It’s but one of those mild weighted helmets in the selection of 1.7 pounds using all the material makeup of the plastic. Consequently, it’s not perfect for ballistics and real-field battle. But, it offers remarkable protection you’d require in Airsoft.

The helmet includes side rails to mount flashlight and shop goggles. You will find NVG Shroud and bungee layout to encourage it. The helmet is customizable with various choices like lighting, nametapes, cameras, etc.

But, it doesn’t include any manual users can follow.

It doesn’t have a temple service or additional components. Therefore, it requires an additional order for your true appeal. The helmet is good for most people with large heads. The size criteria of this helmet are somewhat away and might demand a proper check. However, the helmet is certainly a fantastic companion in an Airsoft match.

It’s more favored for paintballs in the amount third on the earnings in that section. Consumers have given it 4.5 stars Because of Its fully-customizable lightweight and option

2, OneTigris MICH 2000

OneTigris Airsoft Helmet MICH 2000, 3mm ABS Plastic Adjustable ACH Tactical Helmet with Ear Protection, Front NVG Mount and Side Rail (Sandy)
  • Accessory rail connectors provide attachment points for quick attach or release, such as flashlights,camera ,visor...etc.
  • 7 pieces of self adjustable sponge padding inside, make your wearing more comfortable
  • Loop panels around, provide extra place to unique your helmet with patch attachment
  • Adjustable suspender straps and chin/neck pad for better fitting
  • Fits for head circumference about 56-61cm (22-24 inch); Weight: about 665g

Stylish and versatile, the OneTigris MICH 2000 signifies a top selection for an Airsoft helmet. This version stands out thanks to the strategic layout and comfortable padding inside. It is a fantastic bit of equipment for intense matches in which you require adequate head protection. The helmet can be bought in three distinct colors including sandy and green.

The substance used is a normal kind of ABS reinforced for maximum durability. Airsoft players may definitely feel safer when equipping this particular helmet. If it comes to strategic skills you will find a few additional goodies. The side rails represent perfect spots for attachments such as battery packs and flashlights. Lots of Velcro padding was added across the top of the helmet to boost the customization possible.

In regards to overall appearances, this helmet may match nicely a strategic ensemble. The relaxation is significantly boosted by the existence of super soft pads that are a blessing during prolonged sessions. Taking into consideration the price tag, the OneTigris MICH 2000 provides all of the protection which Airsoft participant requirements. It looks good without compromising comfort and strategic features so that is why it’s Suggested

3, Lancer Tactical Maritime Helmet

Lancer Tactical CA-806B Maritime ABS Helmet Color: Black
  • FOR AIRSOFT USE ONLY. Helmet is great for use during Airsoft skirmish events. Should not in any way be used as a real helmet in any activity other than Airsoft.
  • BUILT FOR BATTLE. Helmet features tough high grade impact resistant construction as to withstand the rigors of the many battles to come.
  • WEAR WITH EASE. Soft helmet padding ensures that wearing helmet over long periods of time does not sacrifice comfort.
  • SNAP AND LOCK. Quick Release system allows operators to strap helmet securely during high performance maneuvers and scenarios.
  • KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. Helmet is manufactured with durable yet lightweight materials that won't bog your head down or obstruct view while in motion.

Lancer Tactical Maritime Helmet may be the best airsoft helmet. It is an ABS plastic constructed marine helmet, offering pleasant protection to the head.

This helmet includes a night vision bracket to include a GoPro camera and had sufficient Velcro to attach stains. And you’ll be able to add a strategic flash-light or other essential equipment onto its own side railings.

This helmet just weighs approximately 2.1 pounds, which isn’t heavy. The internal padding is too thick which reduces the distance, nor overly thin making the helmet uncomfortable to use. It’s good that this product includes a reasonable cost. But you should take proper care of the screws and bolts since they readily find rusty, particularly after saltwater use.

How to Attain a Tactical Helmet or Ballistic Helmet?

Truth is informed unlocking a strategic helmet can be very challenging especially if it’s your first time using a single. To ensure it is a favorable process for you, Here Is What you need to do after taking off it:

First, for your Kevlar helmet casing, you must clean it with mild soap or clean water and a soft brush. Go right ahead and rinse it and then air it up.

The retention system within the helmet, on the other hand, ought to be removed and washed with clean water and gentle soap. This ought to be air-dried in a shady location.

The pads, on the other hand, ought to be taken out in their attachments. Squeeze out any moisture if they are semi-permeable. You should then hand wash them with soap, then rinse them off and wash them in a shadowed area Too


As well all know that airsoft is a more aggressive place which needs some particular protection to be secure from any unintentional injury. And it’s safe to say the best helmet is one of those simple demands for airsoft players since it optimizes your protection in the battle.

With extra or desired accessories, an airsoft helmet would be to be secure to set up. Every airsoft enthusiast asks for a helmet that provides operational features with security and comfortability. This site covers the best airsoft helmet that’s a whole collection of alternatives and after reading them using their features, pros, and cons, it’s simple to be determined that helmet is according to your requirements.

I feel this listing should the best airsoft helmet with all the needed in addition to added features at a fair price. Just pick the one which is suitable for you in terms of features and price points.

If you’re facing any trouble when choosing the best airsoft helmet then remark in the below section, our specialist will guide you completely. Thanks for visiting our site!

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